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How's my driving of Lavi? Got suggestions, constructive crit, etc, do leave a message! Help making Lavi be more..well, Lavi-like is what I'm aimin for!


Contacts: Email me at Xvkurinuvx [at] aol [dot] com, or IM me at XvkurinuvX or resetbrush, OR look for Lavi-mun in the Discedo chat. I'm almost always there, lol.

page twenty eight ; coming and going

Looks like Miranda's gone home..and Kazuma's signal is missing again.

That bites a little, Miranda wanted to help so I was gonna ask if she wanted to check my arm and see if it's ready to leave the sling..

Know what? I bet I could use a good book about now; Maka-chan, I know I returned yours a while back, and I gave you all those books I had found before..Got a recommendation you'd like to bring me~?

page twenty seven ; question time [text]

Something has been on my mind lately, and I'm not too sure why, but I might as well ask!

Let's say, theoretically, someone manages to leave and go back to their home with their memories of this place, and maybe some scars to prove it.

Do you think their friends would believe them? Or do you think the friends will call an asylum and forget about them?

[ Lavi paused before his serious tone lightened up. ]

...Hey, Yuu? How are you feeling? And Kazu-chan! You better not still be outside in this ash, or I'll drag you home myself!

[ Locked to the Dark Order ]

Hey, I know this is an odd request, especially coming from me..but I've got a friend who just came back recently~ His name's Kazuma, and he doesn't have a place to stay yet plus the old building we used to live in squished down a floor and I don't know how safe it is to go back there. Think we could let him in?

I'm about 99.9% sure there aren't any akuma here, with how the people are brought back to life instead of being turned into akuma.
Haa, I got it working finally.

Allen, Yuu, thanks for helping me and Namine out there, we really needed it! I'm told I'll be staying here for at least one more day for observation to make sure this hole in my side doesn't get any worse~

Washu-chan, you said I could have visitors now, right? Oh-- Namine-chan, how are you doing?

page twenty five ; i'm not dead yet!

There's a lot of people getting hurt by some newly active monsters, huh? It might be safer to stay indoors than wander the streets right now!

Hey, Yuuuu? Yuuuu~ you left a bit ago and were gone for a few weeks..[ Nosy Bookman is get. ] Do you want to fill me in on what's been going on? Don't forget, the last I remember from home is the Ark!

[ Locked to Dark Order ]

Hey, Reever? Since you're in charge, I know we'll never have a paperwork issue again..I'm wondering if we should get in on dealing with these new monsters? At least defending people when they're getting attacked.

[ end lock ]

Oh--Kao-chaaan! You had your birthday and I didn't know it! I'm sorry~! I have some batteries for you, if you'll still take them? Happy belated birthday!
At least I dodged the shock by touching the communicator with gloves this time..!

I think Yoko's signal went out not too long ago.. [ He gave a little wistful sigh, before coughing as if he caught himself. ] But it means she went home, and doesn't have to deal with this place and all the stress that comes with it..!

Oh, Maka-chaaaaan? Your friend's okay, right? She had gone running past me a while back after I dropped those books off and she looked scared before..I tried to stop her
but her loudmouthed..friend? Whatever it is? Knocked me out with some flailing arms.

Ah--Yuu! Do you want to go hunting with me later? We could probably get a couple cows and make some jerky out of them to make the meat last longer so we could stockpile for the next time something crazy happens. Then I won't be saying I'd eat your leather boots cause I was so hungry..!

Come to think of it, there used to be a hunting brigade, right? Is that still going? I wouldn't mind grouping up with some people to help get some food for everyone!

[ Zzzzzzzzzzzt! ]

Ouch! These things really DO shock you after some time!

Ah--well, from what I'm hearing, I'm not the only one who notices that things seem a bit..odd right now.

Question for the residents who have been here a pretty long time! Does this sort of feeling usually bring about something bad, or are we all just running a little nervous with how quiet it's been lately?

[ He sighed lightly before his tone brightened a bit. ]

But in other news, Kao-chaan! I found those batteries you've been looking for! I could bring them to where you're staying if you want? You know, I never asked!
[ There was some shuffling of fabric over the microphone, and even though the communicator was on video, nothing could be seen but the inside of a pocket. Plenty could be heard though, some light grunts coming from Lavi. ]

Man, I wish I could take two trips with these books--ah! Don't fall, top book!

[ Boots clomped a little as he tried to keep the top one balanced before they stopped and he gave a sigh of relief. ]


[ The footsteps picked up again and continued for several minutes, until they stopped again and a loud noise of books hitting the floor could be heard. ]

....Gramps? What are you doing he--..............shit.

(ooc: for Road's chip event. Lavi might've been moved out of Latimir but he had to come back for those books. Curse yoouuuu Road books! Ffffff have fun Road-tama ;D)

page twenty ; got my hammer back! [video]

[ Lavi's face was zoomed in very close to the screen for a few moments until he pulled away, chuckling, lightly twirling a small five inch long hammer between the fingers on his right hand. The angle of the communicator appeared to be from the ground looking up with Lavi leaning over it, and the sky behind him showed he was outside. ]

Hey everyone, check it out! My hammer's been fixed up as good as new, and I'm finally over that weird sickness! [ Pausing the hammer in his hand, he held it just a little closer to show that it was fixed. ]

Might not believe it, but this is what I've been using since I got here! It was just a pole for so long I was starting to miss what I could do with it!

[ Leaning and picking up the communicator, he fussed with trying to get it to prop against the building. Succeeding, Lavi then grinned and backed up far enough that he could be completely seen. ]

Now let me show you guys some of the neat stuff I can use this for! [ Twirling the hammer between his fingers again, it grew almost instantly to about three feet as Lavi then swapped to spinning it around him in a fun fashion. Catching the hammer and facing the mallet part behind him, he gave a thumbs up to the screen. ]

Ozuchi Kozuchi~ grow, grow, grow! [ The hammer grew five times for each 'grow' he said, and laughing lightly, he lifted the hammer with ease. ] How's that~?

[ Lavi swung and gently planted the hammer back down, before getting a grip on the handle and pointing it off towards the city. ] Now here's the best part! Shin!---

[ Instead of going up and out the several feet he had originally planned, the handle shot across the city, taking him for the ride. ]

(ooc: hahahaha residents may see a long black pole all the way across the city, and Lavi attached to the top of the handle. They may have also heard him yelling in surprise the entire way across 83 Point and laugh all you like, this is the only 'glitch' he's having from getting his chip out.)


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